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Finding Opportunities in the
Midst of Disruption

Concitor is an executive advisory firm that partners with clients to harness disruptive forces to their advantage.

From the cloud revolution that began over a decade ago, to the blockchain transformation just getting underway today, disruptive forces evolve and grow in similar ways.


Let us bring our unique set of frameworks and decades of experience to help you capitalize on new opportunities using lessons from the past.

Opportunities Created  By Disruptive Forces
Our Focus


Concitor has spent over a decade helping companies navigate the transition to cloud-enabled business.


From innovative startups looking to rethink the way business consume IT infrastructure to Fortune 100 companies rethinking their go-to-market, we have helped clients use the cloud revolution to reshape their business -- and dramatically grow their enterprise value.

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Our People

We are experienced and accomplished executives who have put in our "10,000 hours" to master the frameworks, approaches, and processes needed to discover and shape businesses around these emerging opportunities. 

Charles Kwon

Managing Partner

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Charles is a senior business consultant and executive with over 25 years of experience in transforming companies to maximize their value through growth strategies, new business models, increasing sales, and marketing & channel effectiveness. Charles received his MBA  from Northwestern University and his BSE from MIT. 

Ivan Chong

Managing Partner

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Ivan Chong was formerly Informatica’s executive vice president and chief strategy officer responsible for leading strategic initiatives that focus on identifying and developing new options for increasing corporate enterprise value. Ivan holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from MIT.

Consulting & Operational Experience
Our Services

We measure growth in terms of multiples-- not percentages. Let us help you navigate, hone, and transform your business by capitalizing on change.



Change can be chaotic complicated. But where there is chaos, there is huge opportunity.

We help companies develop a game plan to capitalize on disruption.

Change often means developing a new way of doing business.


We help corporations leverage emerging technologies to redesign business models and develop new programs that translate into growth

New waves bring opportunities to rethink a business from the ground up.


We help companies build new ventures, or reposition existing ones, to transform the way the market values their business.




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